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Bitumen Primer

Chemical Resistant Bitumor™ Primer

                  Chemical Resistant Bitumor™ Primer
Bitumor Primer is Bituminous air curing ready mixed Acid & Alkali resistant special primer.
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Bitumen Primer - Bitumen Primer Manufacturer, Exporter and Suppliers
    Concrete surface must be clean, dry and rough. No primer should be applied over smooth and   wet surface.

    After cleaning the concrete surface, one coat of Bitumen Primer should be applied with brush and   allow to dry thoroughly.

    The drying time will depend upon the temperature.
  Storage Life:  
    24 Month at the temperature 30°C (+2°C)
    Bitumor Primer: 25 Litre Drum
  Export packing  
    As per customer’s requirement
    Bitumor Primer contains volatilt and slightly toxic solvent. Keep away from spark and open flames   at working area.