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                  Furomor™ Furan Resin Mortar:
Furomor Resin Mortar is widely used for Acid Resistant Bricks & Tiles lining works as Bedding & Jointing Mortar for Tanks, Floor, Drain, Foundation, Chemical Reaction Vessels, and Neutralization Pit etc.
    It is resistant to Non-Oxidizing Acids, Alkalies, Salt, Solvents, Greases, Detergents and Oils.Carbon Filled

    Furomor Mortar is to be used to resist hot & highly concentrated alkalies, Hydrofloric Acid, Flourid Salted etc.
  Resistant to temperature:  
    170° C (Max.)
  Preparation of Mortar:  
    Preparation of Mortar generally consists of Solution & Powder. In order to obtain good working consistency, the average mixing ratio is 1 Pbw of Solution & 3 pbw of Powder. This ratio will slightly vary depending upon the temperature and working conditions.

    Prepare small batches of Mortar. Stirrer the Solution thoroughly before use. Place the Solution in a suitable mixing pan and add powder in it. Mix thoroughly with a spatula or Trowel. The mixing operation shall be continued until a uniform mixture is obtained.

    Make sure that all the Mortar is used from the mixing pan before another batch is prepared.

    Surface Preparation:

    The cement plastered surface shall be slightly rough in line & level , dry & clean, free from dust, dirt, grease, oil etc., maintaining required slope etc. as no slope can be adjusted or altered in Acid proof lining works.


    Furomor Resin Mortar is a Self-hardening due to its chemical reaction which occurs when the Powder & Resin are mixed together.

    An initial setting occurs in 6 to 8 hrs. at 30°C
       Final Setting occurs in 24 to 48 hrs. at  30°C
       Curing time: 7 days at  30°C

    Please ensure that no water shall be spilled over the bricks lining works before it completely cured.
                  Furomor™ Furan Resin Mortar cond..  
  Mechanical/Physical property:  
Working time at 30°C     : 20 minute (min)
Density of cured mortar : 1.8 grm per cc
Bond strength       : 10 Kg.Cm2
Compressive Strength     : 350 Kg/Cm2
Flexural Strength : 75 Kg/Cm2
Water Absorption : 1%
  Storage Life  
    Solution : 12 Months at the temperature 30°C (+2°C)

    Powder : 6 Months at the temperature 30°C (+2°C)

    All two components are stored in cool and dry place under the roof until ready to use it original unopened (Sealed)  containers.
    Solution    : 25 Kg. in M.S. Drum

    Powder     : 25 Kg. in Plastic Bag.
  Export packing  
    ( As per customer’s requirement)